Feedback forms that your users will love filling out.

Gone are the days of asking the same set of questions to every form filler, resulting in frustration.

A form comparison.

Improved data quality

By asking the right questions at the right time, you'll collect more accurate and relevant information from your users.


Enhanced user experience

Provide your users with a smooth and engaging form-filling experience, reducing abandonment rates and increasing completion rates.


Actionable insights

Leverage the power of sentiment analysis to gain a deeper understanding of your users' opinions and make data-driven decisions.

A bridge between forms and quick chats

How it works

Gather better data, faster

Create a form and name it
Easily build your customised form using our intuitive interface, and give it a descriptive name to keep your projects organized.
Write a line or two about the purpose of the form
Is the goal to gather user feedback, gauge user’s feelings or learn what to build next?
And that’s it!
Spread the word and share your form with the people who matter most - your users, customers, and stakeholders.

Ask questions that matter

Select the purpose of the form and let us dynamically tailors questions based on user inputs, ensuring every response is relevant, valuable, and unique.

Join the ranks of forward-thinkers who are transforming their data collection processes with AI.

Start making informed decisions

We attach relevant tags and performs sentiment analysis on your forms, providing you with actionable insights without the headache of manual sorting and analysis.


Make it truly yours

Customise the form to make it match your branding.


Are you tired of sifting through mountains of redundant data from static forms?

Say goodbye to generic questionnaires and hello to intelligent forms with our AI.

Frequently asked questions

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